Marie H. Germany

Jasmine is not only a great coach and health advisor, she also is a magical being who sees me on a soul-level. She supported me in one of the most challenging phases of my entire life, I am amazed by the leaps and shifts that happened in those months! The greatest breakthrough happened when she held and guided me in taking a crucial decision, which brought me from a place of doubt and self-sabotage to clarity and joyful perseverance. She helped me develop a stabilizing routine, which included a lot of sleep and exquisite care of my female body which at first seemed counter-intuitive to me, as I was in such a stressful phase. I now feel on an entirely new level of empowerment to trust my body in a very deep way. Jasmine’s toolkit of methods, practices and recipes are helping me to navigate my next steps with grace and ease. My friends keep telling me how wonderful I look and how much more radiant I have become!

Jasmine is one of the most warm and nurturing spirits I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has had such a vibrant range of experiences in her life that are evident in the wisdom and resilience she shares. Her passion for her work with women is so clear-not just in word but in deed! Jasmine’s innate ability to hold such nourishing space for others is an extraordinary gift that should not be taken lightly. If you are drawn to work with Jasmine, do not hesitate because you are in the right place!! Shadae Marie, houseofumi.co

In the several months I have received bodywork and energy work from Jasmine, I have noticed a significant reduction in stress. The positive effects last for a remarkably long time after each session. Jasmine’s energy work has heightened my awareness of my chakras. I can feel a magnetic buzz, energy moving from a stuck position to free flowing. During a coaching session, Jasmine intuitively sensed emotional pain I had been carrying around for a lifetime. She facilitated self-healing, whereby she helped me recognize the location, source, and age of the pain I felt. Through her gentle counseling I was able to “own” my pain, feel it, identify it, and console it. She gave me the space to bring it into its wholeness and thereby release its hold on me. D. Miller, Sebastopol, CA

Jasmine is a loving and gifted coach. In a few short weeks, I have learned how to relax, honor my feelings and grow naturally. She is a sensitive listener, who pays close attention to what is most essential. With a deep understanding of human nature, Jasmine brings out the very best in people. Jasmine was sensitive to my process of growth and guided me to value myself more deeply, stepping into my own power as a woman. I felt profoundly listened to, and her wisdom and grace helped expand my perspective – that if I open and share more authentically and vulnerably from my center, I have more of an opportunity to generate the results I desire in life. Jasmine is an exemplary representative of the Calling in the One work and embodies its finest values. Anne Silver, Dance Teacher and Children’s book writer.

I was really stuck in my relationship. Through Jasmine’s coaching I was able to see my role in our challenges, rather than simply blaming my partner. As a result, we were able to consistently move through conflicts much more smoothly, and connect on a more intimate level. Jasmine has been invaluable in my life. She has been an uncompromising stand for me achieving my potential and having an incredible life. Jasmine has helped me gain clarity on my feelings and what I’m committed to accomplishing in my life. Jesse Tieger