Learn How To :

Nourish and Revitalize your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul with Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplementation, and Meditation.

Balance your Circadian and Ultradian rhythms for Easeful, Inspired and Productive Flow throughout your day.

Rediscover your own Unique Divine Beauty.

Usually we will begin the session with a drop-in meditation.

I hold a space of deep listening and presence for you, supporting you in coming more fully into yourself, and understanding more deeply what is happening within your body.  I’m here to guide you with intuitive and spiritual tools, offering consultation on Radiant Health Lifestyle practices, nutrition, herbal supplementation, exercise, mindset and meditation, as we explore what serves you most completely in your journey towards your radiant aliveness.

I am here with you, as your confidant and friend on the journey, supporting you physically, emotionally and spiritually, to move from imbalance and dis-ease to a lifestyle that assists you in redeveloping and strengthening your natural rhythms, pacing, and natural state of aliveness and happiness.

Everything, especially in the body, is interconnected.  One thing many people overlook is how profoundly our mindset, spiritual and emotional life affect the body.

We take a look at your general health, as well as specific symptoms, and along with holding space and asking questions to help you dive deeply into your own experience, I offer guidance on how to move towards more integrated wholeness and radiant health for life.

Radiant Health Lifestyle practices will help you come back to center and support your whole system in working cohesively and naturally.

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