Divine Feminine Necklaces

So grateful for this Divine Spring weather, wearing the solar quartz I just made. ☀️ Here are just a very few examples of the (36) Divine Feminine necklaces I created that have supported me in my emotional/spiritual healing, alignment and self discovery. Contact me for a spiritual consultation and necklace designed specifically to support you in your own healing, self-discovery, and experience of your own Divine Feminine Essence !

I found this amazing Solar Quartz piece at the Nevada County Psychic Fair; it is a slice from a stalactite. What it represents is the energy of Union penetrating downwards into the body, supported by the wisdom, focus, purity, protection, magical manifesting, deeply perceptive, soothing qualities of the beadwork. When I wear it I feel expansive, safe to open completely to my greater Self, supported in my Spiritual Essence.

This gorgeous Rhodochrosite necklace feels so juicy, sensual, joyful, heart-warming, playful!! I can’t help feeling deeply feminine and sensual when I wear it!!

This Dragon’s Blood Jasper necklace supports vibrant health, longevity, riches and fame! It has sexual healing and protective properties, supporting one in releasing feelings of imprisonment, depression, and anger. It brings feelings of security, personal power, the ability to achieve goals, strengthens the connection between the mind & heart, and supports strong, harmonious relationships.

Superb for meditation, journeying and dream-time; when I feel to go inwards I always gravitate to this gorgeous Sodalite necklace. It brings such deep peace, like the deeply peaceful waters of a clear lake. The beads support discovery of the deeper truths, balancing the feminine/masculine energies, profound perception, soothing and cleansing of the emotional body, optimism, creativity, warmth, joy. Sometimes I wear it at night and meditate with it before going to sleep, it feels so good in my yin-time.