About Jasmine Indra

I have aligned my life to serve and to heal. I have been a massage therapist, taught spiritual tools, yoga, and meditation for 25 years; and have coached on relationships, goal setting, and radiant health for the past 6 years. When I experienced early menopause 6 years ago, I shifted my focus into finding ways to redevelop my own resilience and rejuvenation. Through my own research into work from specialists and diligent practice of health protocols, I have gained the experience and wisdom to guide other women to self-empowerment.

I have organized and developed Spirit-Mind-Body balancing tools and content for you in the form of Individualized Coaching Packages and an integrated Radiant Health for Life Lifestyle Design program. Radiant Health for Life is here to support your well-being, resilience, happiness and functionality in all areas of your life, for your WHOLE Life.

As I move into this new stage of life, a new beginning, I become more and more passionate about Radiant Health for Life and reawakening spiritually to become completely embodied in wholeness and Radiant Aliveness.  I am rising again like a phoenix from the ashes of my past life, truly deeply devoted and passionate about this precious Divine vehicle that has withstood so much, and miraculously held together better than I could have imagined.  It is my absolute will to embody strength, resilience, brilliant radiance, beautiful pleasure, and regain my sensory-spiritual abilities to their fullest potential again, to fully experience life in a sensually attuned, emotionally, sensitively and physically intelligent manner.

It is my profound passion and pleasure to support you in creating:

  • A deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself
  • Your ability to FEEL yourself, feel GOOD, and look good
  • Your ability to deepen in your True Self, that aspect of you that lives beyond time and words, your Essence Self, who desires to experience herself Here and Now in her Totality.