Water Is Life!

Water is life!

When I first open my eyes in the morning, I gulp down half a quart of water with approximately 1/4 teaspoon of Redmond salt.  Redmond salt is the purest form of sea salt, no plastics, no metals. This is the first part of my morning water ritual. 

Why is this first ritual important?  It helps rehydrate the body after losing moisture from breathing all night, as well as dilute and flush out the toxins our bodies cleaned up during the night, especially our brains, which flush and clean themselves during each night of good sleep through glylmphatic drainage.

The salt supports our adrenals with the raw material to create the natural spike of cortisol in the morning when you see light first thing, and as soon as you stand up.  This also helps promote good sleep by supporting the inverse teeter-totter of morning cortisol to evening melotonin production.

Within the first 15 minutes of getting out of bed, I head to the kitchen for part two of this morning ritual.  I pour myself a cup of reverse osmosis water that has been structured, add minerals, fresh lemon juice, and Crystal Energy for truly hydrating water, well, practically as hydrating and nourishing as the fresh wild harvested spring water I get when it’s not snowing up about an hour north of Nevada City.  Why freshly harvested mountain spring water is so hydrating and nourishing is because it has a natural mineral content, and is structured from flowing over crystals in the underlying bedrock.  During winter months, I do my best to create this magical substance by using a water structure bottle, adding salt and minerals back in, and I place the large prepared mason jar in the window to further enhance the 4th phase, or structured, water.

Just because you drink water does not mean you are hydrated.  You need to consume enough of the right form of water to allow it to enter your cells, which are filled with 4th phase water.  The highly structured 4th phase water also holds a negative charge.  Our bodies need a certain amount of this structured water to function optimally, to keep us from drying out, and aging more quickly than we will otherwise.  Fourth phase water is extremely important for the correct folding of proteins inside our cells, (including DNA). If a protein is not capable of folding into distinct three-dimensional conformations, and in many cases multiple polypeptide chains, it is not capable of being functional, therefore likely to turn into disrepair and contribute to the dysregulation or disintegration of our system.

You are made of 70% water by volume, and over 95% by molecular count. Be truly nourished and hydrated with the water you drink!  Check out findaspring.com to find one near you.  Otherwise, create mineralized structured water at home (make sure you begin with clean RO or filtered water). 

Contact Jasmine Indra, at Radiant Health for Life for more tips and a complimentary consultation!

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