You are a Flower in the Garden of Life!

Do you struggle with hormonal issues, hot flashes, problems sleeping, low energy during the day, gut issues, brain fog? Are you challenged with emotions that seem to come from nowhere and take you out of your center? Do you find yourself sometimes feeling lost and out of touch with yourself?

Find your way back home to feeling good, in your own exquisite flow, finding grace and ease through redeveloping your inner symphony of rhythms that support your body’s higher functioning and elegance in movement in life, and throughout your day. Learn how to integrate and weave healthy lifestyle practices, protocols, nutrients, spiritual skills and meditation into your daily life in ways that support your resilience and relationship with yourself.

It is my mission to assist women across the world through the terrain of perimenopause and menopause, and through this transitional time of life to orient towards Radiant Health for Life, resilience, developing a quality of life and relationship with yourself that is life giving, nourishing, enjoyable, pleasurable, and magical! 

Our bodies are phenomenal in so many ways, and we have the ability to heal, regenerate, and even (re)develop abilities to experience life more fully and sensually.  We are here to enjoy, and in re-creating resilient radiant health, we have the ability to truly appreciate and receive the beauty and pleasure in life.  Beauty is in our vital health: mind, body, soul, spirit, and emotion.